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GPF Philippines turn over disaster response and preparedness kits to 150 families in Sanchez Mira
On February 10, 150 families in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan Valley Province received their disaster preparedness kits, solar lighting system, and water purifiers thanks to donations received by Global Peace Foundation Philippines from concerned individuals and GlobalGiving. Last month, Global Peace Foundation Philippines received a $15,000 donation from GlobalGiving which helped achieve the goal of providing assistance to 150 families affected by Typhoon Mangkhut.
When Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines last year, Sanchez Mira was one of the devastated municipalities. Families in Brgy. Kittag and Brgy. Callungan were left without access to electricity and clean water at the aftermath of the typhoon. In Brgy. Kittag, the bridge which connects the communities to town proper was destroyed which made it challenging for response teams to provide their assistance.
Local government officials of Sanchez Mira, headed by Mayor Asela Sacramed, were present at the turnover to provide logistic assistance and to personally express their thanks to Global Peace Foundation and the donors who made the activity possible for the benefit of dozens of marginalized families affected by the disaster. Ninety two families in Brgy. Kittag and 58 families in Brgy. Callungan who received the kits are from the indigenous people’s community of Aeta and Isnag tribes in Sanchez Mira.
“On behalf of our tribe, we would like to thank Global Peace Foundation and GlobalGiving for choosing our community and for showing your care and concern,” tribal leader Andrea Antonio shared in her message. She added: “Since we live in a remote mountain area, i never thought of this experience. God is so good and GPF and GlobalGiving are great blessings to us. We also appreciate our local government’s support. It is not easy to come to our place but only those with good heart and dedication to serve can do this. We cannot repay you but we will be responsible in taking care of these disaster preparedness kits. We will also cooperate so we can be equipped and prepared in times of disaster. We hope that God will bless you more.”
Following the turnover, GPF community development director Joy Remigio will return to Sanchez Mira on February 21 to host a disaster preparedness training with the local disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) officers.

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