GPF Philippines

Associate Member, Association of Foundations

a PCNC-accredited NGO

Global Peace Foundation Philippines is now an associate member of the Association of Foundations (AF) and an accredited NGO by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC). GPF Philippines was officially granted the AF membership and the PCNC accreditation status, considered as “seals of good housekeeping” among members of the NGO community, after passing a thorough evaluation process and meeting the criteria for organizational governance and financial management and accountability. The NGO membership and accrediting entities exclusively awards their certificates to accountable, credible, and capable NGOs that provide services to underprivileged communities and individuals as authorized by the Philippine government.

With such recognitions, Global Peace Foundation Philippines strives to continue as a credible organization that empowers the Filipino communities towards sustainability and peace and the Filipino people by promoting moral and innovative leadership.

We empower the Filipino communities towards sustainability and peace

Global Peace Foundation Philippines engages the government, civil society, and private institutions to advance sustainability and peace in the country through its community development programs.

All-Lights Village (ALV) is a flagship and a long-term community development program of Global Peace Foundation Philippines. The project combines solar technology with clean water solutions, education, income generation and public-private partnerships to improve the overall quality of life in the communities in measurable ways. GPF Philippines works with communities on an on-going basis to support their own efforts to flourish and to be sustainable.

GlobALS, which stands for Global Peace Foundation Alternative Learning System, works with the Department of Education as a service provider of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), to extend education opportunities to out-of-school children, youths and adults. The program has reached out the remote villages, indigenous communities and religious minorities to give these underserved populations a chance to achieve their life goals, improve the quality of their lives, and become effective contributors to their societies.

We empower the Filipino people by promoting moral and innovative leadership

Leadership in governance, business and nonprofit sector, communities and families is among the most important factors in defining the direction and success of diverse human endeavors. Global Peace Foundation Philippines advances programs that promote moral and innovative leadership to benefit the local communities and the larger society. We organize conventions, workshops, trainings, and exchanges that foster moral and innovative leadership as a foundation for ethical and cohesive societies.

Global Peace Youth Philippines, its youth division, has a mission to educate young people to become future leaders with both moral and innovative capacity. Global Peace Women Philippines empower women’s leadership in a culture of service for the larger community, and guide families to implement solutions to common challenges.

Global Peace Foundation strives to positively impact the world by forming a movement of leaders from all backgrounds of faith, culture, nationality and ethnicity under common principles, values and aspirations, working towards the common goal of peace.