Bayanihan Youth for Peace Leadership Assembly: Ushering the Youth towards a New Civilization of One Family under God

In a compelling and inspiring gathering, the Bayanihan Youth for Peace (BYP) Leadership Assembly brought together youth leaders from various chapters across the Philippines. The event, held at the PRRM on Mother Ignacia Ave., was not only a platform for dialogue and collaboration but also a precursor to the upcoming Global Youth Festival on December 10th at the Cuneta Astrodome.

One of the highlights of the Bayanihan Youth for Peace Leadership Assembly was the presentation of Mr. Inggil Ra, the Regional President of Global Peace Foundation Asia Pacific. Mr. Ra passionately addressed the critical role of Filipino youth leaders in advancing global peace. He emphasized the significance of the Filipino “Bayanihan Spirit” and urged the youth to uphold the motto of “Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan, Makabansa” (For God, For the People, For Nature, For the Country).

Addressing a pressing global issue, Mr. Ra encouraged the student-leaders to join the call for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, recognizing the potential of youth to contribute meaningfully to global harmony.

Accompanying Mr. Ra was Dir. Ann Montejo, the Education Director of Global Peace Foundation Philippines. Dir. Ann Montejo, delved into the essence of Moral and Innovative Leadership, aligning it with the overarching vision of “One Family Under God.” Dir. Montejo illustrated to the audience the pivotal role of leadership anchored in moral principles and innovative thinking. According to her, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, the proponent of Moral and Innovative Leadership, stated, “Realizing the vision of One Family Under God requires leadership that is both moral – rooted in universal principles and values; and innovative – finding creative ways to put the principles into practice. Such leadership is essential to tackle a wide range of challenges.” The call to embody values that extend beyond personal gain and contribute to a shared vision of global unity left an indelible mark on the gathering, fostering a commitment to moral and innovative leadership among the future torchbearers of peace and harmony.

The BYP Officers, representing chapters from institutions such as the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of Caloocan City, Technological University of the Philippines, STI, Bulacan Polytechnic College, National Teachers College, and St. Claire College, demonstrated the diversity and strength of the youth leadership network.

Importantly, this assembly served as a prelude to the highly anticipated Global Youth Festival on December 10th at the Cuneta Astrodome as part of the culminating program of the Global Peace Convention 2023. The festival will feature the Founder and Chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, providing a platform for enthusiastic Filipino youth leaders to engage with global perspectives and contribute to the discourse on peace and unity.

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