More Than 5000 Global Youth Unite for Peace in Manila, Philippines

In an explosion of energy and enthusiasm, the Global Peace Youth Festival, under the theme “One Family, One Future: Youth Shaping the World Together,” set the stage ablaze at the Cuneta Astrodome as it kicked off the Global Peace Convention 2023 Culminating Program. This event is grounded in the belief that youth are not just the leaders of the future, they are the architects of change in the present. The festival seeks to empower, inspire, and provide a platform for the youth to actively engage in creating a world marked by lasting peace.

The dynamic event, held on December 10, 2023, at 1 pm, brought together over 5000 young people who converged to celebrate the power of youth leadership, innovation, and commitment to building a harmonious world. The festival unfolded with electrifying performances, exciting talks, and inspirational sessions that left the audience both enlightened and empowered.

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder and chair of the Global Peace Foundation, set the tone as the keynote speaker, declaring, “You (the youth) will plant the seeds of the new civilization of peace in this world.” The festival resonated with his vision of moral and innovative youth leaders driving positive change.

Adding depth to the discussions, Asec. Dexter A. Galban emphasized the Department of Education’s commitment to nurturing the character of peace in individuals, fostering a culture of peace within families, and promoting peaceful engagement within communities.

In a world dominated by the internet and social media, Miss Jing Castaneda, a prominent journalist, emphasized the importance of responsible content consumption. She urged the youth to play an active role in maintaining a peaceful digital space by avoiding what she referred to as “bardagulan” or internet wars. 

Furthermore, Heeryoung Haley Kim, Secretary of Global Peace Youth Korea, inspired Filipino youth with the vision of the Korean Dream, urging solidarity for the peaceful reunification of the peninsula.

The festival reached its crescendo with the Cultural Tapestry session, where representatives from Global Peace Foundation chapters in Indonesia, Cambodia, India, and the Philippines shared best practices and initiatives, weaving unity in diversity. Each one of them showcased how the Global Peace Foundation has made a positive and transformational impact in their respective countries.

To seal everyone’s commitment in advancing global peace, all 5000 participants and more recited the Peacebuilders Pledge, a collective promise to actively contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world. Then, Mr. Inggil Ra, President GPF Asia Pacific, issued a call to action, urging everyone to join efforts with the vision of “One Family Under God.” While Mr. Tristan Nodalo, CNN Correspondent, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Peace starts with me. Peace starts with us.”

The festival concluded on a high note with the electrifying performance of Dilaw, a local band, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to be the driving force behind positive change in their communities and beyond. The Global Peace Youth Festival successfully ignited a spark that promises to illuminate the path towards a brighter, more harmonious future. Aju!


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