Global Peace Education

Global Peace Education (GPEd), the education division of the Global Peace Foundation Philippines, works with educators and stakeholders to ensure that students graduate ready to succeed in all aspects of twenty-first century life. By making education more relevant and comprehensive, graduates are better prepared to prosper in the workplace, build healthy and resilient families, and contribute to economic development and social stability.

GPEd, with support from the Department of Education, corporate partners, local government units, and community leaders, provide resources and strategies to help change classroom and school culture in various parts of the country.

GlobALS expands access to education in underserved communities

GlobALS continues to provide alternative education to learners in remote communities and to develop its program that improve employability after graduation through livelihood skills training and implementation of new education technology.

A committed partner in the national and global efforts to meet the basic right to education, particularly in promoting peacebuilding and community development, the GlobALS program continue to advance the values and principles that create cohesive and prosperous societies.

GlobALS is implemented in 5 regions, 5 provinces, 2 cities, 9 municipalities, and is serving 19 communities. A moderate percentage of 60% (11) of the communities served are All-Lights Villages.

Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI)

  • Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) is integrating character and creativity training into all aspects of school culture towards the development of the whole person. Global competencies such as character, critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, and problem solving must be prioritized in education to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive and interdependent global society.
  • In addition to developing CCI Demonstration Schools, CCI held a Character and Creativity Summit for educators, urging transformation of culture in their respective schools by becoming transformative educators. Two hundred and ninety-seven educators, administrators, and experts attended the summit held at Philippine Normal University in Manila.
  • At the 2017 Global Peace Convention, one of its six tracks examined the role of education in the success of an individual and an entire nation. The Transforming Education Track drew educators, entrepreneurs and students from around the world to raise the call to push for transformation that equips students for the 21st century.
  • Global Peace Foundation’s international Vice President of Education, Dr. Tony Devine, stressed how unprepared the education sector is for the challenges of an ever-changing world.
  • “The world of education unfortunately is still stagnant. It’s often stuck in the nineteenth century. The Global Peace Foundation is working to accelerate a transformation in schools around the world.”
  • Speakers emphasized character formation and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit as essential education outcomes, and the important role of teachers in the character formation of students.
  • In an effort to expand the reach of Transforming Education content, workshops were held in three locations in the Philippines after the 2017 Global Peace Convention. The CCI Workshops, held at Zamboanga Peninsula in Mindanao, Kapitan Jose Cardones Memorial Elementary School in Taguig, and Philippine Institute Quezon City in Metro Manila, aim to advance education outcomes by emphasizing character, creativity, and moral and innovative leadership in schools. GPF Philippines will be organizing more CCI Workshops to increase the covered areas across the country this year.