Girls Empowerment Leadership Training

On July 15, 2018, selected high school girls from Bernardo F. San Juan National High School, Cardona, Rizal, Philippines participated in the first Girls Empowerment Leadership Training of Global Peace Women Philippines with the theme “Empowering Girls to Learn & Lead.”

The training focused on Self Mastery and as the journey of leadership begins with self-discovery. The program facilitated the exploration of participants passion and purpose in life and discovering the gift that they can contribute for the greater good. The training underscored the importance of advancing “Moral and Innovative Leadership” in providing methods through which that vision can be realized by harnessing man’s natural creative need to advance the human condition and in promoting “greater good” that can benefit not only the individual but the larger society, nation and eventually the world.

A workshop focused on Achieving 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through Youth Collaboration, Leadership, and Innovation with focus on Gender Equality was also part of the Girls Empowerment Leadership Training. The SDG workshop promotes youth’s leadership potentials and innovative efforts to contribute to the 2030 Agenda by creating substantive ideas and projects that can provide long-term solutions to real-life problems and challenges in the 21st Century.

Global Peace Women (GPW) promotes women’s indispensable roles in strengthening families, uplifting the value of womanhood and generating positive social transformation through networking,education, advocacy and service.

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