Global Peace Volunteers Camp 2018

“Our world needs MORAL AND INNOVATIVE LEADERS who can promote peace, justice and equality regardless of their religion, gender, race and social status, can be a catalyst of change, can help different communities and can live for the greater good.” -Marlon Ibañez, GPV Camp 2018 participant


50 youth leaders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao attended the 2018 Global Peace Volunteers Camp on May 29-31 in Antipolo City. The training underscored the importance of advancing “Moral and Innovative Leadership” in providing methods through which that vision can be realized by harnessing man’s natural creative need to advance the human condition and in promoting “greater good” that can benefit not only the individual but the larger society, nation and eventually the world.

“Moral and Innovative leadership” combines two important qualities of leadership. Moral leadership is vision driven and guided by universal principles and shared values. A moral leader always seeks the larger purpose, the greater good of the whole, and upholds the noble qualities of humanity in their leadership. Their moral and ethical foundations guide a morals leader’s perspective, decisions and actions.

Innovative leadership is forward looking, out-of-the-box, and possibility driven. Such leadership inspires people to use their God-given creativity to make advances and transformation in every sector of the human endeavor to challenge obstacles and search out new solutions.

Towards a Social Transformation

The 3 day camp inculcate a culture of selflessness among youth for positive social change a peaceful world and nurture virtues and positive character that foster an environment of acceptance and unity that transcends religion and race.

As stressed by the Chairman of Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, “Moral and innovative leadership can tap the wellspring of innate human creativity because as self-governing, responsible and ethical citizens, such leaders are best prepared to address even the most intractable social problems… A moral leader is guided by a common vision that reflects the most fundamental human aspirations, conforms to universal spiritual principles that govern human life, and is committed to advance the greater good before self-interest.”

Camp graduates represent a growing network of young leaders around the world who form a platform for joint action to address today’s challenges and open a way for lasting peace.

GPV inspires and empowers young minds of today to positively impact the society. The camp created a learning environment for students and young professionals to develop and practice their skills to explore, discuss and engage for leadership and personal growth.

Global Peace Youth, the youth division of the Global Peace Foundation, and its partners are committed to providing support and opportunities for youth to grow into moral and innovative leaders who can tap into the potential of this rising generation.

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