Values-Based Peace Education Workshop: Nurturing Peacebuilders of Tomorrow

The Global Peace Foundation Philippines, in collaboration with the National University MOA (NU MOA), successfully organized a transformative Values-Based Peace Education Workshop on October 21, 2023. The event, held at NU MOA, centered around the theme “Mainstreaming Peace Education for Future-Ready Generation” and drew the participation of 84 National Service Training Program (NSTP) educators and university leaders from 10 prestigious universities and colleges.

Director Ann Marlita Montejo Arevalo, the Education Director of Global Peace Foundation Philippines, took the stage as the main speaker and workshop facilitator, guiding attendees through a day of inspiration and knowledge sharing. Her expertise in peace education brought invaluable insights to the participants, equipping them with the tools to instill peacebuilding values in the hearts and minds of the youth.

Ms. Grace Rago, the Education Program Coordinator of GPF PH and the assisting facilitator, played a pivotal role in the success of the workshop. Her adept facilitation of the creative focus activities was instrumental in reinforcing the workshop’s lessons and ensuring the effective transmission of peacebuilding values.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Gabriel S. Cabardo, the Academic Services Director of NU MOA, who represented Dr. Leonora R. Concepcion, the Executive Director and Academic Director of NU MOA. Dr. Florida C. Labuguen, Executive Director of the Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers (PSNEI), delivered an inspirational opening speech, setting the tone for a day of reflection and learning.

Furthermore, Mr. Kier S. Aventurado, Director for Youth Development of Global Peace Foundation Philippines, led the attendees to take the Peacebuilder’s Pledge, reinforcing their commitment to nurturing future generations with peace, unity, and harmony.

The event resonated with unity as Ms. Sally P. Quimson, the Partnership Development Officer of Global Peace Foundation Philippines, led the community in singing the poignant song and GPF’s theme, “Where Peace Begins,” fostering a sense of togetherness among the participants.

Maria Gailanne Lingad Rodriguez, the Administrative Director of NU MOA, played also a important role in the organization of the event, ensuring its seamless execution. The workshop was expertly hosted by Zoren Matthew L. Blardony, the Coordinator of Community Extension and NSTP, adding an engaging and interactive dimension to the day’s activities.

In his closing message, Mr. Aldrin L. Nituma, the Executive Director of Global Peace Foundation Philippines, left attendees inspired and motivated to incorporate peacebuilding into their educational endeavors. He underscored the vital role that peace plays in shaping the future and emphasized the importance of peace education.

Moreover, Mr. Nituma unveiled a series of upcoming events by GPF, including the highly anticipated Global Peace Convention, scheduled for December 10-14, 2023. Of particular note is the Educators Congress set for December 12, promising to be a significant gathering for advocates of peace and education. This convention will build upon the foundations laid during the Values-Based Peace Education Workshop, creating a broader platform for dialogue and collaboration among educators and peace advocates.

The Values-Based Peace Education Workshop not only empowered educators and university leaders with the tools to instill peace values in the younger generation but also served as a steppingstone towards the upcoming Global Peace Convention, which aims to further the cause of peace and education in the Philippines and beyond. With a shared commitment to peacebuilding, the participants left the event motivated and equipped to create a more harmonious and inclusive future.

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