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Achieving Global Unity through the Peace Education Seminar: The Korean Dream Series

June 8, 2023 – In a powerful talk at the National University DasmariƱas (NU-Dasma) on June 7, 2023, Mr. Ingil Ra, the Global Peace Foundation’s (GPF) Representative for Asia and Pacific, emphasized the urgent need for Korean unification.

The event, known as Kalikasan at Kapayapaan 2023 (Kali-Kapa 2023), was organized in partnership with GPF – a Peace Education Seminar to raise awareness and support for Korean unification to end the 70-year-long division.

The said seminar was attended by educators, faculty members, organizations, and students alike. During his talk, Mr. Ingil Ra passionately conveyed the GPF’s vision of a united Korea, emphasizing the importance of a shared dream and a united world.

He proclaimed, “One Korea, one dream, one world,” encapsulating the sentiment that the unification of the Korean peninsula would not only bring peace and stability to the region and positively impact the global community.

Highlighting the significance of peaceful unification, Mr. Ra spoke of it as the ultimate solution to the division that has plagued the Korean nation for seven decades.

Drawing inspiration from the GPF’s mission, he expressed the organization’s commitment to fostering a national transformation and creating a society where all Koreans and Filipinos can come as one family under God.

Through initiatives like this Kali-Kapa and GPF collaboration, they seek to create platforms for transformation and understanding, ultimately working toward a peaceful unification.

The Kali-Kapa 2023 seminar left a profound impact on all those who listened. With the Global Peace Foundation’s unwavering commitment and the support of educators, organizations, and students, the dream of a united Korea grows stronger.

By fostering an environment of open-mindedness and empathy, participants were encouraged to reflect on the importance of resolving conflicts and divisions, not only in Korea but throughout the world.

As the world witnesses this pursuit of unity, it becomes clear that the unification of the Korean peninsula holds the potential not only to bring lasting peace and stability to the region but also to inspire a global community founded on shared dreams and harmonious coexistence.

Written by: Sophia Rein Bengero

Photo captured by: Cristian Blake Laviano

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