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Virtual Forum: One Dream One Korea One World

Over the past decade, the Global Peace Foundation, Action for Korea United and their partners have been consistently promoting international support for nuclear-free and Korean-led peaceful unification to uphold freedom, democratic values, rule of law and human rights, as an urgent, not a distant goal, based on the shared identity and cultural heritage of the Korean people.

Today the world faces some dramatically new circumstances, such as the intensifying US-China relations, the still-unfolding, unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, Kim Jong-un’s unpredictable health status and behavior such as blowing up the liaison office building, and South Korea’s polarizing political divisions.   These new circumstances are expected to have far-reaching social, economic, and geopolitical consequences impacting the global order and point to the need for a new and more comprehensive approach to advance the agenda of a Free and Unified Korea.

This virtual forum series will convene young and women leaders, educators, and civil society leaders from the Philippines to examine the role of different sectors, identify new opportunities and develop a more specific roadmap on how Philippines can support a free and unified Korea predicated on the ideals embodied in the ancient Korean ethos of Hongik Ingan – “Living for the Greater Benefit of All Humanity.”

Join us on August 6, 2020, 10AM Live via Zoom for the first series of “Virtual Forum: One Dream One Korea One World” in support of One Korea Global Campaign.


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