International Women’s Summit 2021

Tackling, one of the most significant conflicts that the world has been facing for many centuries has been finally discussed internationally in an online event last February 26 and 27, 2021—gathering almost 700 women across the globe from all ages by celebrating each progress that has been achieved through the course of history.

The most highlighted part of the event was the goal and visions that can improve women’s rights—engaging in a conversation with speakers from different backgrounds and organizations—constructing a declaration and commitment to creating safe spaces for women and young girls. The pandemics’ uncertainty led to the increase of domestic violence, especially for women.

This year’s International Women Summit aims to spread and establish dozens of secured places and provide women with equal rights as men. It was discussed how much impact it creates when women get the same opportunity as men in the workforce— how this impact can be immuned from a failed society. The summit’s occurrence leads to many young girls being aware of their rights and how they are supposed to be recognized for all their achievements. 

The barrier between education and women has been vanquished, resulting in the increasing number of educated young girls who can derive an educated generation.

All of this is made possible with the National Council Of Women of the Philippines, Young Women’s Christian Association, and The Global Peace Foundation. A diverse communication has been taken part— Now that we have raised awareness about this issue, we hope to unite not just women but also men in achieving full gender equality in this modernized world.

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