GLOBAL GIVING: Solar Lamps for 900 Indigenous Filipino Children


This project provides solar lamps to 900 indigenous children and youth in the Philippines, so they can gain access to safer, less expensive, healthier and more environmental friendly light source to help them study after dark.


Children from indigenous communities perform poorly in school due to limited studying time. Most indigenous children rely on kerosene lanterns so they can study at night. Yet, the problems in using kerosene lanterns for lighting needs are well-documented: fire hazard, insufficient quality of light, prohibitive cost for poor families, and respiratory illness due to indoor air pollution. By replacing dangerous kerosene lanterns, this project will benefit 900 children in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro.


The introduction of solar energy has a significant impact on the quality of life in off-grid and impoverished communities in the Philippines. By harnessing solar energy, solar lamps provide clean, safe, and dependable light source. Using solar lamp at night helps children study better without endangering their lives.

Long-Term Impact

Access to a clean, dependable light source in the hours of darkness results in long-term improvements in security, education, livelihood, and health for the children, the families, and the community.

Donate at: https://goto.gg/32997

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