Youth Development

Established as the youth arm of Global Peace Foundation (GPF), the Youth Development Program through Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC) and True Love Power (TLP) supports the international Global Peace Foundation movement by bringing together young leaders of all faiths, cultures, nationalities, and interests under a common vision and universal values.

High school and college campuses are especially significant in defining the culture and values of

the next generation of leaders. In order to move a nation toward peace, one must first move the

youth of that nation.

They are inspired by the vision of One Family under God and are committed to being owners of this vision beyond the barriers of religions, races and nationalities, thereby playing a leading role in national and global conflict resolution and peace building.


The Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC) is an international non-profit organization that has its

headquarters in Washington DC, USA.

GPYC is a global network of conscientious young leaders with the mission to educate and raise young people to become future leaders with both moral and innovative capacity.


The mission of GPYC is to transform the world to be One Family under God by raising Global

Youth Change Makers and building broad-based youth movement.

Core Business

GPYC strategically focuses on two core businesses for the mission fulfillment:

Raising Global Youth Change Makers through transformative education

Building broad-based youth movement through social impact projects

Core Values

GPYC has the following Core Values and Behaviors which serve as the framework for education of Global Youth Change Makers.

Living for the Greater Good

True leaders are not motivated by self-benefit. They genuinely care for others.

Align to the vision of One Family under God.

Continuously Invest in others to develop their potential.

Multiply universal values by taking creative action.

Share best practices across the organization.


Responsible leaders do not just wait for somebody else to fix a problem. They take initiative.

Take Responsibility for stated and expected goals.

Take Accountability for the execution and outcomes of stated and expected goals.

Take Initiative by being proactive and solving problems.

Strive for excellence with passion and commitment.

Execute the goals set out to achieve.


Effective leaders do not fly solo. They bring out the best in team members.

Mentor team members from a familial perspective to personally guide their growth and development.

Keep Open-mindedness to give and receive feedback and new ideas constructively.

Respect team members by trusting them and recognizing the merit they bring.

Energize team members with conviction in the common vision and goals.

Dream Big

Great Leaders are not complacent. They challenge their limitations with a positive attitude.

Have absolute Conviction in the fulfillment of One Family under God.

Aspire to challenge limitations by looking for possibilities and seizing opportunities.

Be Results-oriented, learning from both victories and failures with the end goal in mind.

Be Expertise-driven to be an effective part of realizing the vision of One Family Under God.

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