GlobALS stands for Global Peace Festival Foundation Alternative Learning System.

GlobALS works with the Department of Education as a service provider of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), in which out-of-school children, youths and adults continue learning – in any manner, at any time, and in any place – in order to achieve their life goals, improve the quality of their lives, and become effective contributors to their societies.

Target areas for the GlobALS program are communities with a low literacy rate, a large population of out-of-school youths, indigenous peoples, and Muslim communities – predominantly coming from depressed, disadvantaged and underserved communities.

GlobALS learning centers and learning sites are situated in three regions of the country: Navotas City in Metro Manila (two sites); Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon (11 sites of the Alllights Village project); and Davao Del Norte in Mindanao (14 sites). The program has instructed more than 1300 learners since its inception in 2011. Every class has a minimum of 30 students and is instructed over a ten-month learning period. Among the learners, 60% are women and 80% are youths.

Funding Through ALS-UCS. In 2012-2013, two GlobALS sites in Navotas City received funding from the Department of Education through the ALS Unified Contracting Scheme. In 2013 in Davao Del Norte, four GlobALS sites received funding through the ALS-UCS grant, while six Muslim communities (also in Davao Del Norte) became beneficiaries of the PRIME (Philippines’ Response for Indigenous and Muslim Education) grant. In addition to these, ALS modules in Nueva Ecija sites are donated by various organizations and individuals through the Alllights Village project.

Special Awards. In June 2013, Global Peace Festival Foundation received the “ALS Champion Award” in the Division of Navotas City and in the Division of Davao Del Norte.

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