Calidad Humana – Kapwa Charter Making Competition

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The Criteria for Judging the Calidad Humana – Kapwa Charter Making Competition

Calidad Humana –Kapwa- is a positive and constructive attitude towards others beyond any kind of differences, giving priority to concern for people than to material things.

Without Calidad Humana –Kapwa, social harmony and peace in the world are not possible.

The participants are invited to suggest until three behaviors that people in the Filipinas and around the world should practice daily in order to preserve the spirit of Calidad Humana and the Kapwa Culture.

The suggestions must be done in a practical and concrete way more than only theoretic and abstract.

For example: Share every day of your life something you have, depending of your resources, a piece of bread, an apple, a chocolate, etc., with somebody you meet on your way to the school or work, with your classmates, at your office, etc., but specially with needed people. And do it with respect, dignity and plenty of affection”.

The behavior must be complemented with one or two pages explaining its relevance on preserving the Calidad Humana-Kapwa Culture and its contribution for the peace in the world.

The competition is open to all Filipinos most especially the youth who will be the most active sector in this challenge. The competition would be very simple. All entries must be submitted online or by mail to the any of the bellowed addresses and must have the complete name and contact details of the interested party/individual.

All interested parties can use the book entitled, Calidad Humana: Sharing the Filipino Spirit as reference. Portions of the book are online via the LopezLink website under the Lopez Museum Page.

The selected behaviors with the names of the authors will be integrated in a “Calidad Humana –Kapwa- Charter” and published in a next Calidad Humana Book, to be distributed in the Filipinas and around the world.

Deadline of Submissions: May 31, 2016.  Exciting prizes awaits the winners.

The criteria for judging are as follows:

Behaviour Chosen - 50%

Explanation - 30%

(A short description of the behaviour and justification on choosing such behaviour)

Impact - 20%

(can all Filipinos, relate to this behaviour?)

TOTAL : 100%

Judges will be the representatives from the AIESEC, Global Peace Foundation, SM Cares and the Lopez Group Foundation

Send the entries to:

Global Peace Foundation Philippines

Via Email:

Via Mail: 205 Cedar Executive Building II, 26 Scout Tobias corner Timog Avenue 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

Via Fax: (02) 351-7652

For more information, email: or you may contact us at (02) 738-1465 and look for EON or FAHLY.

Facebook: filipinocalidadhumana