Safe Talks E5: Managing Stress and Coping at the Frontline: A Tribute to the Frontliners

It is almost half the year of 2021 already and the country is still under quarantine due to the massive number of CoVid cases. Many organizations and institutions have shifted information and knowledge dissemination through online platforms. Global Peace Foundation and Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation continued to share its advocacy on promoting Safe Spaces by launching webinars and programs for the youth.

2020 Safe Space Heroes hosted the fifth episode of the “SAFE TALKS: Tales and Takes by the Youth” last May 14, 4pm on Zoom and Facebook live. The topic for the fifth episode is “Managing Stress and Coping at the Frontline: A Tribute to the Frontliners”. This is also the final episode for SafeTalks Season 1.

Being in a middle of a pandemic causes stress for everyone. Actions, mobility, etc. are limited due to quarantine protocols. What’s more stressful is the increasing number of cases that is overwhelming to frontlines who dedicate their lives to serve and protect the country from this unseen enemy. The host organizations made this episode to help our frontliners manage and cope with the stress they are currently faced with.

As usual, the webinar was delivered in a very interactive manner. The hosts shared their insights and opinions to influence the youth to become empathic and understanding towards our frontliners. If the youth, themselves, are the frontliners, then they must advocate for livable wages for now and the future.

Youth who are bridging the gap in the frontline should continue what they are doing and be commended for their efforts. “Many are called and few are chosen” so these youth should be proud of what they are doing and continuously advocate for our frontliner and make the best out of it.

Before they end, they encouraged the youth to join the youth to continue the advocacy and join and register for the grant competition to become the 2021 Safe Spaces Hero. It is a once in a lifetime experience for the youth and they should participate.

The 2020 Safe Space Heroes promised to uphold creating Safe Spaces for all faces through the organizations and programs they have created for the youth to promote Safe schools, Safe conversations, Safe community —Safe Spaces For All Faces.

The 2020 Safe Space Heroes are: Sarah Fabito of WiTECH Batangas; Qjiel Mariano of Ladders to Literacy; Kier Aventurado of Happy Hearts Initiative; Joshua Cote of the Puso Movement; and Jay Angelo Pineda of Sak.AI. QC.

Safe Talks: Tales and Takes by the Youth is a series of conversations led by the youth discussing important social concerns and challenges facing the world today. These episodes will be hosted by young people who will be sharing their own stories and experiences pertinent to the episode’s topic (tales) and their thoughts, opinions, suggestions on what should be done and how to encourage everyone to be part of the solution (takes).

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