Local Colleges and Universities Presidents Gather to Foster Global Peace and Cooperation

Taguig City, Philippines – On August 7, 2023, a pivotal meeting took place at the Grand Hyatt Manila’s Mezzanine Lounge (Library), bringing together esteemed leaders from local colleges and universities. The gathering, initiated by the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), aimed to explore potential avenues for collaborative initiatives and knowledge-sharing platforms that would further collective efforts in the field of peacebuilding.

The Presidents of member institutions of the Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU) were invited to discuss and engage in fruitful conversations regarding potential collaborations and partnerships aimed at advancing shared objectives in education, cultural understanding, and global citizenship.

The agenda for the meeting encompassed several key topics, including discussions about the Global Youth Summits, the Peace Education Module Trainers’ Training, the One Korea Global Campaign, and the Educators Congress, which was held in conjunction with the Global Peace Convention 2023. These topics reflect the shared commitment of ALCU and GPF to promote peace and cooperation through education.

The meeting was not only an opportunity to discuss plans for the future but also a chance to strengthen existing partnerships. After the meeting, attendees engaged in school visits to follow up on Memorandum of Agreement updates and to gain insights into the Global Peace Foundation’s activities and their participation.

In a world where collaboration and understanding are paramount, initiatives like these highlight the potential for positive change. The coming together of local college and university leaders underscores their dedication to shaping the future and fostering a more peaceful and united world.

The Presidents of ALCU member institutions demonstrated their commitment to this cause, leaving the meeting with a shared vision and a renewed sense of purpose in their mission to promote peace and understanding on a global scale.

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