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Global Peace Media Forum convenes Industry Leaders in Historic Pre-Assembly for Global Peace Convention 2023

In an unprecedented display of unity and commitment, the recently concluded Global Peace Media Forum, Media Sector Pre-Assembly last November 7, 2023, at the Manila Prince Hotel, Philippines marked a historic milestone in the media landscape, drawing together the influential figures from the Philippines’ media industry to champion the cause of global peace. The forum, held in conjunction with the highly anticipated Global Peace Convention 2023, showcased an unparalleled convergence of renowned personalities who lent their support to advocate for peace through the collective power of traditional and new media platforms.

Distinguished Figures Unite for Peace: Notable figures include:

  • Mr. Herminio “Sonny” B. Coloma Jr., Executive Vice-President of The Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation; 
  • Mr. Michael Alexander M. Ang, Director of the Manila Times and Honorary Consul to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; 
  • Atty. Dominador D. Buhain Jr., Chairman of the Rex Group of Companies and Rex Education; 
  • Mr. Dominic Edgard A. Cabangon, Chairman of Aliw Channel 23 and Business Mirror; 
  • Ms. Francia Camacho Conrado, President of FAMAS; 
  • Mr. Joseph R. Bejerano, Director & Press Relations Officer of FICTAP; 
  • Mr. Noel C. Galvez, Executive Vice President of Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas; 
  • Ms. Jing Castaneda, and 
  • Ms. Bianca S. Valerio among others, graced the forum with their presence.

Vice Chairman of United Press International Commends Philippine Media: The Vice Chairman of United Press International, Mr. Youngjun Kim, delivered a stirring message, recognizing the influential role of the Philippines’ media industry, stating, “I have no doubt that the Philippines has unyielding power to bring about fundamental transformation that will impact not only this nation but also Asia Pacific region and beyond. And you are NOT just journalists but the leaders who can make the difference.” Highlighting the nation’s potential to enact significant transformations not only locally but also across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Three Power-Packed Plenary Sessions: The forum delved into three dynamic plenary sessions, exploring the influential roles of various media forms in promoting peace: 

– Plenary Session 1 focused on the impactful influence of broadcast media (television, cable TV, radio, movies) in nurturing a culture of peace.

– Plenary Session 2 emphasized the convincing role of print media and the publishing industry in advancing global peace through innovative strategies and adaptations.

– Plenary Session 3 centered on unleashing the potential of social media and digital technology in real-time to foster peace.

Pledge of Commitment & Advocacy Agenda: The event culminated in the signing of a Pledge of Commitment & Advocacy Agenda by distinguished speakers and the Global Peace Foundation Asia Pacific Regional President, Mr. Inggil Ra. This pledge solidifies their dedication to leveraging media as a force for positive change and peace-building; and commits to work hand in hand with the Global Peace Foundation and its partners in pursuit of a world where peace is not merely an ideal but a shared reality.

Soft Launch of GPF’s Short Film Competition: The GPF introduced a Short Film Competition promoting peace at various levels – from families to the global stage. Supported by esteemed media companies and organizations including The Manila Times, Rex Publishing House, FICTAP, and FAMAS, this initiative aims to harness the storytelling power of media for peace advocacy.

A Unified Voice for Peace: This remarkable pre-assembly of the media sector underscores the collective power and shared vision of media in advancing peace, highlighting the industry’s potential to be a catalyst for change and progress.

The Global Peace Media Forum stands as a testament to the influential role of media in fostering peace and development, reinforcing the industry’s unity in the pursuit of a more harmonious world.

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