Calidad Humana Celebrates the Filipino Spirit in Washington DC

12 August 2016—  Delegates and participants of the 2016 International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) gathered at the Romulo Hall of the Philippine Embassy for a special reception and photo exhibit of the book, Calidad Humana: Sharing the Filipino Spirit in the evening of August 10.

Calidad Humana or human compassion, defined as a positive and wholesome attitude towards others despite individual differences, is a remarkable quality that Filipinos are widely known for.

Various photos from the Calidad Humana movement in the Philippines displayed at the Romulo Hall showed the heartfelt concern, resilient spirit, and genuine smiles emanating from the Filipino spirit. These qualities are known to be an essential part of the Filipino culture.

The Embassy’s Chargé d’Affairés, Minister Patrick Chuasoto, emphasized in his opening remarks how the photos speak about the Filipino’s “humanness” and how the youth can make use of their talents, skills, and knowledge to be of service to humanity.

Calidad Humana is to give priority to concern to others,” said former Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines Roberto Mayorga who edited the book and spearheaded the Calidad Humana Movement in the Philippines in his remarks.

Ambassador Mayorga lived in the Philippines for six years and his first-hand experience of the positivity and strength of the Filipino character allowed him to edit the book Calidad Humana: Sharing the Filipino Spirit and start the Calidad Humana movement that aims to preserve, share and spread the qualities of the Filipino spirit throughout the world.

The Calidad Humana photo exhibit will also be featured during the IYLA on August 08 to 12 in Washington D.C. with the title, “IYLA 2016: Sharing the Filipino Heart for Peace in the World”. The said exhibit will serve as a venue to promote the positive image of Filipinos to future leaders and young professionals from more than 30 countries in the world.

“I fervently hope that IYLA’s 10-day interactive program here in the United States will not only provide you a first-hand experience on leadership but will also plant that seed of inspiration that will enable you to help create a safer and better world in the future,” Minister Chuasoto said to the 2016 IYLA delegates present during the reception.

Mr. John Dickson, Co-Chair of the Host Committee of the 2016 IYLA gave the closing remarks and reminded the IYLA delegates of the importance of understanding their individuality and thinking about how they can contribute to their own countries and to the world.

“What you are doing here, IYLA delegates, is very important in your self-realization, in your growth and patriotism for your own country,” Mr. Dickson said.

IYLA is a premier partnership-driven leadership development initiative that empowers promising young leaders to positively impact communities, nations and the world.

The exhibit and reception was organized with the support of the Office of the Undersecretary for International Economic Relations of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.



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