Global Women Leaders Unite for Peace and Sustainable Development at International Assembly in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines, Nov 6, 2023 — The recently concluded International Women Empowerment Assembly: Peace and Sustainable Development, hosted by the Global Peace Foundation and Global Peace Women in collaboration with the National Council of Women of the Philippines and International Council of Women, has marked a historic milestone in the pursuit of global peace and empowerment. Held at the prestigious Manila Prince Hotel, the assembly drew more than 300 Women Leaders from 15 countries including the virtual delegates (228 on-site attendees), creating an electrifying platform for discussions and strategies, in consonance with the highly anticipated Global Peace Convention 2023.

The event commenced with an inspirational address by the Global Peace Women International President, Hanako Ikeno, emphasizing the indispensable role of women in fostering global harmony. Dr. Nona S. Ricafort, President of Global Peace Women Philippines, eloquently presented the conference’s significance and purpose, setting the tone for a day of influential discourse and action.

Distinguished attendees were honored to receive Keynote Remarks from the Honorable Senator Cynthia Villar, underscoring the vital significance of women’s empowerment in shaping sustainable communities and fostering peace worldwide.

The day’s proceedings were segmented into three pivotal sessions, each addressing essential facets of peace and sustainability. The first session delved into ‘Peace as an Essential Pre-requisite to Global Sustainability,’ emphasizing the fundamental role of peace within the family, community, and society. The following session explored how empowered women can steer communities through economic strategies and digital literacy. The final session highlighted achieving peaceful sustainability through effective environmental management and change mitigation.

A prevailing theme throughout the assembly was the interconnectedness and support among women. The notion is that by networking, providing access, and cultivating mutual support, women can foster an environment of love and warmth within their homes, communities, and societies at large.

Reflecting on the day’s discussions, Dr. Ricafort reinforced the imperative need to touch the hearts and minds of people, emphasizing that love and positivity can permeate every aspect of life. “When the walls of our homes resonate with love and spontaneous warmth, everyone can act gracefully and positively,” she remarked.

The event concluded with a resounding call to action, urging women to continue supporting one another and leveraging their collective strength to bring about positive change and sustainable peace worldwide.

The International Women Empowerment Assembly stands as a testament to the commitment of global women leaders towards building a more peaceful and sustainable world, one where the influence of empowered women shapes the future for generations to come embracing the ideals of One Family Under God.


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