Transforming Education: Ukit MARANGAL Workshop Unveils Roadmap for Educational Innovation

In a groundbreaking three-day event held at the Widus Hotel from September 26-28, the second phase of the Ukit MARANGAL Creating a Model of Transforming Education workshop brought together a confluence of educators, leaders, and change-makers from DepEd Regional Office III. Intending to revolutionize education, the workshop was an extraordinary platform for innovation, collaboration, and the design of a transformative roadmap for educational reform.

Reimagining the Future of Education: The workshop commenced with a dynamic exploration of the future of education. Participants engaged in the spirited presentation of Dr. Tony Devine on the imperative to adapt to an ever-shifting educational paradigm.

The Foundations of Character: A foundational theme of the workshop was character development. Through Dr. Devine’s thought-provoking lecture, participants deepened their understanding of the vital role of character education in shaping responsible and ethical citizens.

The Transformative Power of Partnerships: Participants delved into the transformative potential of partnerships with Dr. Marge Ballesteros’ discourse. They examined successful collaborative initiatives to forge alliances among educators, institutions, and communities.

Values-Based Peacebuilding: Amidst a world often marked by strife, Dir. Ann Montejo underscored the importance of values-based peacebuilding in education. The interactive sessions illuminated the role of education in promoting tolerance, empathy, and conflict resolution, rooted in the vision of One Family under God.

Holistic Development of Educators and Students: The workshop on the holistic growth of educators and students underscored the significance of nurturing emotional intelligence, resilience, and well-being, not only among students but also among educators who serve as powerful role models.

Moral and Innovative Leadership: Leadership, particularly moral and innovative leadership, was a cornerstone of the workshop. Participants engaged in reflective exercises gained insights into effective leadership practices, and explored how to lead with moral integrity while fostering innovation in educational institutions.

Creating a 10-Week Personal Development Plan: A pivotal component of the workshop was the creation of personalized 10-week development plans. Participants translated their newfound knowledge into actionable steps in their personal and professional lives.

The Global Cafe: A highlight of the workshop was the Global Cafe sessions, which provided a vibrant platform for participants to share their 10-week personal development plan. The pair and triple partnership gatherings fostered cross-functional dialogue, collaboration, and the building of a global community of educators dedicated to transformational change.

The Ukit MARANGAL Phase 2 workshop marked a significant leap forward in the quest for educational transformation. It was a gathering that not only envisioned but also empowered educators and leaders to spearhead a monumental shift in educational paradigms, one rooted in moral integrity, innovation, and a vision of global harmony. As these ideas take root and actions follow, the workshop’s impact is poised to be felt in educational institutions throughout DepEd Regional Office III and beyond.


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