Optimizing Team Performance, the Character and Creativity Way

Ninety teachers and administration staffs of Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan, led by its Vice President, Dr. Ester Lim, attended the seminar-workshop on “Optimizing Team Performance, the Character and Creativity Way” facilitated by Global Peace Foundation Philippines Education on September 26.
The seminar-workshop aimed to introduce various approaches of Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) in transforming education outcomes and developing moral and innovative leadership. CCI implementation empowers educators to build a caring and supportive environment inside the classrooms and in the entire school, thus transforming school culture into one that develops the total child.
After the seminar, some teachers and school administrators who participated shared their reflections:
“The saying, ‘The only constant thing in this world is change’ is such a good reason for this seminar-workshop to be held. The world is changing so fast and the kind of learners we have should be equipped with the necessary skills they will need in their future work. Thus, transformative education is a must in all schools to cope with 21st century education. Character and Creativity Initiative is a good practice. Education becomes more meaningful to the learners if they get to practice more autonomy and experience first-hand the kind of lessons needed to be mastered.”
“After this seminar, I was enlightened on how to make classroom scenario be enjoyed by the students and not boring.
For our department, I learned how to handle people who are not engaged and actively disengaged.
The seminar as a whole was fruitful. Not a single dull moment was spent. On our part, we did not feel any pressure, but instead enjoyed and waited excitedly for the next activity.
Thank you for sharing your expertise to us. We are now equipped to face any challenges yet to come on our journey as a teacher/mentor/parent to our students.”
“I learned and realized a lot of things, especially in educating and performing our accountability.
I’m glad to know someone or an institution/foundation who have the same advocacy as mine, which is being a catalyst for change that gives emphasis for soft skills needed in the actual world and real-life scenario.”
– Ms. Lizbeth Mendoza
“The seminar greatly helped the full PCC family, as a workforce, to continue achieving a harmonious relationship with one another. Quotations about teamwork should be posted on the bulletin board and should be changed monthly so that we will be reminded to work as a team. With our human nature, sometimes we become selfish, but having a reminder on the board will change our being self-centered.
I pray that seminars like this be done annually.”
– Jeanette S. Yu
“This day, I have learned simple things but have great impact for me as an educator. I could say that I am an effective facilitator of learning now and an efficient teacher to my colleagues. Before, I was that too shy to be exposed in every challenge but now, I’m confident that I can surpass all with the help and cooperation of my teammates. I can also impart all these gained knowledge to my students even at their young age. A productive and fruitful day for us! Thank you very much!!!”

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