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GPF Gears Up for Global Peace Convention 2023 in Manila Philippines

The world is abuzz with anticipation as the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) announces the upcoming Global Peace Convention 2023, set to take place in Manila, Philippines, from December 10 to 14. With the theme, “One Family Under God: Vision for National Transformation and Lasting Peace,” this bi-annual assembly promises to be a landmark event that brings together policy experts, educators, and political and civil society leaders from around the globe.

The Global Peace Convention is renowned for fostering collaboration and sharing best practices in critical areas such as peacebuilding, education, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, youth and women empowerment, and various fields of social impact. GPF’s signature convenings have previously graced Manila (2009), Nairobi (2010), Seoul (2011), Atlanta (2012), Kuala Lumpur (2013), Asuncion (2014), Manila (2017), Seoul (2019), and went virtual in 2021.

One of the key focus areas of the Global Peace Foundation is the pursuit of consensus on unification and reconciliation between North and South Korea, working to define the character of a new, unified Korean nation. This endeavor has attracted leading scholars, human rights experts, peace advocates, and a burgeoning citizens’ movement. Experts from countries including the Republic of Korea, the United States, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, India, China, and the United Kingdom have delved into the complexities of peaceful Korean unification, addressing North Korean security threats, regional economic integration, and human rights and humanitarian issues affecting the Korean people.The 

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! In the lead-up to the convention, GPF is organizing an array of build-up programs, including the Global Youth Summit 2023, Transforming Education Forum (Manila), Peacebuilding Education Workshops, Women and Family Empowerment Forum (Manila), Corporate Social Responsibility Forum (Clark, Pampanga), Peace and Security Forum (Mindanao), Values-Based Peacebuilding Forum (Mindanao), and a Media Forum (Manila).

When the convention proper begins, attendees can look forward to these dynamic highlights:

1. Youth Festival: The Global Peace Convention’s Youth Festival will shine a spotlight on the pivotal role of youth in driving sustainable development and peace.

2. Global Peace Convention Plenary: Supported by government ministries, educators, faith leaders, and civil society partners, the Global Peace Foundation hosts international gatherings to develop innovative responses to complex global challenges. 

3. Global Peace Awards: The Global Peace Awards will recognize government, civil society, and faith leaders whose remarkable efforts have significantly improved the lives of others.

GPC is a unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the world’s leading peacebuilders. 

Together, we can create a more peaceful and just world for all.

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